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Updated: Mon, 31 July 2023

Upcoming Warwickshire Chess Association Tournaments

Published on: 21 -02-2024

SPTW Warwickshire Women's Rapidplay & Leamington Open

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Warwickshire County Chess Teams

Published on: 16 -12-2023

If you are interested in playing for Warwickshire in 2024-25, please complete this survey by Monday, 8th January.

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Pairings for the second round of KO's

Published on: 11 -12-2023

Pairings for the second round of Leamington League knock-outs.  Clubs are free to rearrange the matches as they see fit.  All matches are to be played before Easter.

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Richard Simpson

Published on: 07 -12-2023

Once again with a heavy heart we acknowledge the death of someone we all knew and respected - two weeks ago Richard Simpson, a stalwart of the club for many years who had suffered from lymphoma in recent times, died suddenly at home.

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Dispute Ken D v Leam A Mon 30th Oct

Published on: 06 -12-2023

A Dispute was referred to the Committee in relation to a league match where it was claimed that a mobile phone had been switched on during the game.

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LDCL best game prize

Published on: 10 -11-2023

The LDCL best game prize returns for the 23/24 season. Perhaps you’ve already played a winning sacrifice or a tactical masterpiece? Enter the best game contest and you may get your name on the trophy at the end of the season.

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Printable Match Results Cards

Published on: 08 -10-2023

A printable match card template is available to download from the administration section in the footer.

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Individual Handicapped Rapidplay

Published on: 02 -09-2023

The Individual Handicapped Rapidplay is open to all players from all clubs, regardless of grading.

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Change of venue - Coventry Chess Club

Published on: 02 -08-2023

Coventry has changed venue.

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The Minutes of the 2023 AGM

Published on: 29 -07-2023

The Minutes of the LDCL 2023 AGM are available to download from the AGM-minutes section of the website.

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