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Welcome to the Leamington & District Chess League (LDCL) Website

The LDCL promotes chess throughout the district; arranges chess competitions between clubs or teams in membership of the League as set out in the League's Constitution


Upcoming Warwickshire Chess Association Tournaments

Published on: 21 -02-2024

SPTW Warwickshire Women's Rapidplay
28th April at the University of Warwick.
Open, Secondary School and Primary School sections.
A lesson with IM Lorin d'Costa and a 5-round Rapidplay.
Minimum £400 prize fund in the Open + certificates and medals in the junior sections.

SPTW Warwickshire Women's Rapidplay Entry

Leamington Open
18th and 19th May at Trident Park, Leamington.
Open, Under 2000, Under 1750 and Under 1500 sections.
5 rounds.
£1,500 prize fund.

Leamington Open Entry

Alex Holowczak

Warwickshire County Chess Teams

Published on: 16 -12-2023

Warwickshire did not enter the County Championships in 2023-24, due in most cases to a lack of captains, and a perceived lack of interest from players. This survey is designed to gather data on both of those issues.

If you are interested in playing for Warwickshire in 2024-25, please complete this form by Monday, 8th January: Warwickshire County Chess Teams 2024-25

Alex Holowczak

Pairings for the second round of KO's

Published on: 11 -12-2023

Pairings for the second round of Leamington League knock-outs. 
Clubs are free to rearrange the matches as they see fit. 
All matches are to be played before Easter.
Banbury v Kenilworth - Thu 8 Feb 24
Stratford v Shirley & Wythall - Tue 6 Feb 24
Olton v Leamington - Tue 19 Mar 24
Solihull v Kenilworth - Wed 20 Mar 24
Kenilworth v Stratford - Mon 26 Feb 24
Daventry v Solihull - Wed 21 Feb 24

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