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Updated: Wed, 21 February 2024

Leamington and District Chess League Player Registrations for the 2023-2024 Season

PLAYER REGISTRATIONS 2023-24 ~ LATEST. published 2024.02.21

Registrations must be submitted to the Registrations Officer using the Blank Player Registration Form provided, additional later registriations on a separate form.

Players should be registered in decreasing order of strength according to the August 2023 ECF Rating List.

Eligibility to play in a team in a KO Cup is determined by rating at the time of registration, as stated in Rule 22.

Board order for both League Matches and KO Cup matches should comply with all parts of Rule 14, now using the Jan 1st 2024 ECF Rating List, and estimates/updates as published in v1.6 or above of the LDCL Player Registrations List.

Note also that playing up/down constraints have reverted to the pre-covid rules, as outlined in Rule 7 f. - so you can play up twice above bottom board on the next team. A third such appearance requires re-registration up.

In conjunction with this, teams must have the required minimum number of players registered, as per Rule 7 a.

ARCHIVE - the final version of each previous season's registrations is posted below: