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Updated: Mon, 31 July 2023

Dispute Ken D v Leam A Mon 30th Oct

Published on: 06 -12-2023

A Dispute was referred to the Committee in relation to a league match where it was claimed that a mobile phone had been switched on during the game. The Committee found that there was insufficient evidence to prove either that the phone was on, or that it was off. Accordingly the Committee felt it necessary to declare the game void with no score for either party.

As a general point to all clubs:
Please ensure your players are aware of all parts of Rule 19. Mobile phones in the playing area MUST be switched off. The wording of the rule may seem to require a sound to be emitted before an infringement has occurred, but that is NOT the case – the very fact that a mobile phone is on is enough. In case of such an infringement, or indeed ANY infringement, supporting evidence should be acquired and submitted.