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  • 2018/04/10
    The LDCL Lightning/Blitz tournament takes place at Solihull's Chess Club venue,
    The Blossomfield Club, The Wardens, Widney Lane, Solihull, B91 3JY, on Wednesday 25th April, starting at 7:30pm.
    Entry is £1 per person, all monies collected will be returned in prizes.
    There will be 9 rounds at 5 minutes per game, paired on the Swiss system.
    Prizes will be awarded in the Open and Minor sections, grading limit for the minor will depend on entries.
    If there are enough entrants there will be 3 sections - Open, Under 140, and Under 100, as last year.
    I would ask entrants to arrive before 7:30 in order to ensure a prompt start.
    Can clubs make their members aware of the event, a good attendance always makes the tournament more interesting.

  • 2018/04/09
    This year the League AGM will take place on Tuesday 29th May at Olton’s venue.
    An agenda will be circulated nearer the time and we will also hold the annual prize giving.
    Please could all trophies be returned to Ben Graff as soon as possible, so that they can all be engraved prior to this.
    The League Committee are meeting on the 24th April to prepare for the AGM.
    Could any issues that you would like to see raised at the Committee be tabled with Ben.
    The League is suffering from an acute shortage of officers.
    We need to fill a range of posts this AGM for the League to continue to function properly.
    If you might be interested in joining the Committee, please let Ben know and he will take you through the potential opportunities.

  • 2018/04/09
    I have now been reduced to submitting one of my games in the Best Game competition.
    This is a desperate attempt to shame people into submitting their games.
    Why not submit one of your games?
    Surely you must have played one game this season which wasn't too bad?
    If so, please send your entry to me, preferably in pgn notation.

  • 2018/02/11
    Another Individual Finalist. Well done to Stratford's Peter Stiff on reaching the final of the Under 125.
    Peter was surely one of the competitions rank outsiders, having the lowest grade in the section (92), an early exit was highly likely.
    Try telling that to Peter!
    After knocking out John Green (128), Andy Johnson (120) and Steve Henderson (120) Peter's tournament grade is a whopping 172.
    Peter awaits the winner of Dez Rudge and John Hodges.

  • 2018/02/08
    We have another finalist in the Individual Championships.
    Well done to Solihull's Tom Thorpe who reached has reached the final of the Open Rapid by beating Mike Johnson.
    Tom now awaits the winner of Tom Darling and Andy Johnson.

  • 2018/01/19
    We have our first LDCL Individual Finalist.
    Well done to Banbury's Jimmy Blair on reaching the final of the Under 100 KO.
    Jimmy who beat John Hodges and Richard Buxton awaits the winner of Adrian Grimes and Bernard Visgandis.

  • 2018/01/11
    At last, we have an entry for the best game prize.
    It is a Sicilian with Andy Collins (Leamington A) v Thomas Thorpe (Solihull)
    Please send more entries to me (preferably in pgn notation).

  • 2018/01/09
    In the Individual Open Knockout Semifinals Mike Johnson will play former winner Peter Dury.
    In the other Semifinal Ben Graff awaits the winner of Tom Darling v Paul Rowan.
    In the Individual 100, Nuneaton's Bernard Visgandis saw off Peter Leggett of Leamington
    and now awaits a victor from Adrian Grimes v Keith freshwater.
    In the other Semi Richard Buxton plays Jimmy Blair of Banbury.

  • 2018/01/09
    The Midland Open Rapid & Blitz will be held on 17-18 February
    at the Holiday Inn Birmingham Walsall, 20 Wolverhampton Road, Walsall, WS2 0BS.
    There will be four 9-round Rapid sections and a 9-round Blitz tournament.
    The prize fund for the tournament is £2,680.
    For full details, including the online entry form and a downloadable entry form, please visit this link on the MCU website.

  • 2018/01/05
    41st Annual Kidlington Chess Tournament, 3 and 4th February 2018
    The 41st Annual Kidlington Chess Tournament will be held at Exeter Hall Kidlington
    on Saturday and Sunday 3rd and 4th of February 2018.
    There are 4 sections: Open,Under 180, Under 145 and Under 120.
    For more information and an entry form click here

    The Tournament web site is here

  • 2018/01/04
    The Warwickshire Open Chess Championships 2018
    will be held on Friday March 2nd to Sunday March 4th
    at the Allan Higgs Centre, Allard Way, Coventry CV3 1HW.
    Categories are
    FIDE rated Open
    Fide rated under 1975 (U170)
    ECF Under 140
    ECF Under 110

    For more information and an entry form click here

  • 2017/12/21
    Well, we are half way through this season and I hope you have had some good games.
    In Division 1 Olton A lead Banbury A with Solihull B trailing at the bottom.
    In Division 2 Banbury C lead Rugby A with Kenilworth C trailing at the bottom.
    In Division 3 Olton C are in the lead, with everyone else trailing.
    In Division 4 Daventry B are in the lead.

    If you have played a good game, why not submit it to the best game competition.
    Currently we have had no games submitted, so your chances of winning are currently quite good.
    Remember there are riches beyond the dreams of avarice and fame to rival the greatest stars plus a small trophy for you to keep.
    I hope you have a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

  • 2017/10/26
    Solihull club details updated

  • 2017/09/10
    Why not enter one (or more) of the 2017-18 Individual Knockout Championships?
    Entry is free
    Five sections as follows,
    Open Rapid
    Under 150
    Under 125
    Under 100.
    Engraved medals to all winner, plus a trophy to keep for one year.
    Guaranteed home ties for non-drivers and juniors.
    Entry closes 16th September at 5pm.
    All entries(please include a phone number) to Jason Madden

  • The 28th Leamington Rapidplay will take place on Sunday 10th September.

    It will be held at The SYNDI Centre,
    24 Cottage Square,
    Leamington Spa,
    CV31 1PT.

    There will be 4 FIDE rated sections :
    Open, Under 170, Under 140 and Under 110.

    For more information and an entry form click here

  • 2017/09/04
    Note the change in Rule 27 of the Match Play Rules, to incorporate the 10 point rule.

  • 2017/09/04
    Club secretaries and team captains shoudl have received an email with usernames and passwords for the coming seasin.

  • 2017/08/27
    Entry is now open for the 2017-18 Individual Knockout Championships.
    Have you got what it takes to become champion?
    Five sections as follows,
    Open Rapid
    Under 150
    Under 125
    Under 100.
    Engraved medals to all winner, plus a trophy to keep for one year.
    Guaranteed home ties for non-drivers and juniors.
    Entry closes 10th September at 4pm.
    All entries(please include a phone number) to Jason Madden

  • 2017/08/27
    Rule 27 has been amended to include the 'ten point' rule.
    Here is the amended rule (changes underlined) :-

    27. Captains shall exchange team cards simultaneously before the start of play.
    Teams shall play in strength order and the “ten point rule” will be enforced, such that players can only play out of grading order
    if the variance is ten points or less, based on the July grading list, which will be used for all League competitions for the entirety
    of the season. Any breaches of this rule will be referred to the Committee and in the first instance an official warning will be issued.
    Any subsequent breaches will result in the match in question being void 0-4 for the purposes of the League Table.
    (Albeit all individual results will still be sent for grading, notwithstanding this.)
    The ten point rule cannot be applied to ungraded players, who hence can play on a board consistent with their team’s assessment of their strength.
    However, if the ungraded player subsequently receives a grade in the January list, they will be bound by the ten point rule relative to this grade
    for the remainder of the season. If it is felt an ungraded player is manifestly not being played in an order consistent with their strength,
    this can be raised with the League Committee who will consider all the relevant evidence and make a ruling as to where the player should be playing board wise
    if need be.
    Junior players will not be bound by the ten point rule, as it is recognised that they could be improving rapidly and such a step could hinder
    their development. However, if it is felt a junior is manifestly being played on a board out of strength order this can be raised
    with the League Committee who will consider all the relevant evidence and make a ruling as to where the player should be playing
    board wise if need be.
    If an ungraded or junior player were to be fielded in a board order that disregarded a League Committee determination,
    following the raising and upholding of an objection, those subsequent breaches would result in the application of the provisions for breach of the ten point rule.

  • 2017/08/16
    The fixtures semm to be settled. If there are any problems let me know.

    I have updated the clubs page. If there are any changes can you let me know.

  • 2017/08/01
    The League Jamboree will take place at 7.30 on Tuesday 5th September at the
    Leamington chess club venue (Oak house 87 upper holly walk cv324js)
    The Jamboree (traditionally the Leagues curtain raiser), is an easy going
    competition designed to blow the summer cobwebs off.
    Entries are £2 and includes food.
    Teams of two compete in over four or five rounds to determine the winners.
    Each team of two must have a combined grade of no more than 280.
    Entries to Jason. Madden
    Tel. 01926650115
    Email: J. Madden

  • 2017/08/01
    I have put a preliminary version of the fixtues on the fixture page.
    Can team captains let me know of any errors or clashes.

  • 2017/07/14
    I have updated the League Formation page.
    Can clubs please check that the entries are correct.
    Please let me know of any mistakes.

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