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  • 2017/01/02
    The Warwickshire Open Chess Congress is on 25th and 26th Febtuary at the Coventry Rugby Club.
    The Coventry Rugby Club is at Butts Park Arena, Butts Road, Coventry, CV1 3GE.
    There is free parking available.
    There are 4 sections :- Open, Under 170, Under 145 and Under 120.
    For more details and an entry form click here

  • 2016/12/02
    We have our first entry for the best game prize.
    If you have played an interesting game then why not enter it in the best game competition?
    Just send me the game, preferably in pgn form, with or without annotations.

  • 2016/11/24
    The Oxford website is currently down due to a malicious attack which crashed their server.
    This means you will be unable to enter results until they manage to get it back up again.

  • 2016/09/16
    Hurry, hurry, entry for the Leamington Individual Knockouts closes on Sunday 18th at 7.01pm - that is this Sunday for the terminally slow.
    Have you got what it takes to win an Individual competition? If you don't enter you'll never find out.
    Eternal glory and riches beyond the dreams of avarice await the winners (well a trophy and a medal anyhow).
    You can enter as many of the competitions as you like - at no extra charge.
    They are as follows
    Open Rapid
    Under 150
    Under 125
    Under 100
    Entry is free
    Home ties for non-drivers and juniors.
    Medals for winners to keep
    Engraved Trophies for winner's to hold for 12 months
    When will you get an offer to match this!
    Entries to Jason Madden
    Mob: 07432660335
    Tel: 01926650115
    Email: J. Madden
    Closing date for entries is 7.01pm Sunday 18th September.
    The more who enter the better.

  • 2016/09/09
    Leamington chess club hosted the season's annual curtain raiser this week, the LDCL Jamboree.
    30 players battled over six rounds in pursuit of the Jamboree trophy and new for this year individual engraved medals.
    Playing in two pools of strength play was briefly paused for a supper including bacon and brie Paninis, Italian chicken and cup cakes.
    Early front runners were Banbury's Joshua Crofts and Chris Evans in the Major Pool
    and Gilbert Csecs and Jason Madden in the minor.
    After six gruelling rounds (and much juggling in the pairing), Leamington's Andy Collins and Jason Madden won the team title with 10.5,
    Chris Evans won the Major with 5.5/6, and Jason Madden won the minor with 6/6.
    Thanks to Jason for organising the event and to the Leamington club for hosting.

  • 2016/09/03
    Hurry hurry.....There's still time to enter the LDCL Jamboree.
    New for this year medals for individual winners.
    As well as a trophy for the team winners you also get fed.
    So grab a partner and head for Oak House Sports and Social Club (Liberal club) Leamington Spa.
    Don't worry if you haven't got a partner, we will pair you up with somebody on the night.
    Be there by 7:30 entry fee £2 which includes supper.
    All entries to Jason Madden
    Email: J. Madden
    Mob 07432660335
    Tel 01926650115

  • 2016/09/02
    Can club secretaries and team captains check the entries in the club page.
    If there are any changes can you let me know.

  • 2016/08/31
    Entry is now open to the 2016-17 LDCL Individual knockout competitions.
    They are as follows
    Open Rapid
    Under 150
    Under 125
    Under 100
    Entry is free
    Home ties for non-drivers and juniors.
    Medals for winners to keep
    Engraved Trophies for winner's to hold for 12 months
    Entries to Jason Madden
    Mob: 07432660335
    Tel: 01926650115
    Email: J. Madden
    Closing date for entries is 7pm Sunday 18th September.

  • 2016/08/24
    Don't forget, the Jamboree is on September 6th - a week on Tuesday.
    The League Jamboree will take place at 7.30 on Tuesday 6th September at the
    Leamington chess club venue (Oak house 87 upper holly walk cv324js)
    The Jamboree (traditionally the Leagues curtain raiser), is an easy going
    competition designed to blow the summer cobwebs off.
    Entries are £2 and includes food.
    Teams of two compete in two pools of strength over four or five rounds to determine the winners.
    Each team of two must have a combined grade of no more than 280.
    Entries to Jason. Madden
    Tel. 01926650115
    Email: J. Madden

  • 2016/08/24
    Stratford want 2 team in the U120 KO. Have added Strat II v Kenilworth on Thu Oct 27 and
    Strat II v Leam/Sol on Thu Feb 9.

  • 2016/08/20
    The fixture list has been updated with what I hope is the final alteration.
    Typo: Sol F v Strat D should be on Wed 21 Sep not Thu 22 Sep.
    Two Daventry B games rescheduled, Sep 15th against Stratford D and
    Sep 28th against Solihull E.
    Also Leaminton B v Kenilworth B which has been moved to April 18th.
    If there are any other clashes/problems let me know.

  • 2016/06/29
    I have updated the Match Play Rules, the League Formation, the Officials, and the AGM Minutes pages.
    If there are any errors or omissions can you please let me know.

  • 2016/06/28
    The minutes for the 2016 AGM are on the AGM Minutes page.
    For photos     click here

  • 2016/04/28
    The ECF have recently published the updated “Child Safeguarding Policy”, which replaces the former “ECF Child Protection Policy” with immediate effect.
    It is a requirement of your insurance that this revised policy be followed.
    The ECF had hoped to produce a summary of the policy, to act as a guide for clubs and associations when it is being implemented.
    However, they have received legal advice which warned them against publishing a summary.
    Every section is important, and a summary may encourage omission.
    Each organisation MUST have a Lead for Safeguarding, likewise a Safeguarding Officer (these may well be the same person).
    This new Policy must be brought to their attention, and they will be best placed to consider what changes you may need to make to your existing procedures,
    and when and how widely the document needs to be circulated.
    You should also retain a copy for your records, as per the Care Risk Management Conditions of your Schedule.
    The ECF Safeguarding Children Policy has now been updated, and can be found here.

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