12th November 2019

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Connections to other Chess Sites of potential interest

If any of these links should break it would be appreciated if users of this site could inform the Webmaster as quickly as possible. There are few things more annoying on the Web than finding that links have become broken.

Club sites within the League

     Banbury     Banbury has a new website.
     Kenilworth    Kenilworth have a new web site.
     Leamington    The Leamington web site is up and running
     Nuneaton    Now at the Attleborough Liberal Club
     Shirley & Wythall      a new web site

Other Club, League & Regional sites in Warwickshire and the Midlands

     Birmingham League Richard Reynolds has taken over as web master
     Warwickshire Chess Association     The County to which the League is affiliated
     Midland Counties Chess Union    
     Southern Counties Chess Union     A very lively and up-to-date site

National & International chess sites

     English Chess Federation     A steadily improving site for those following the national chess scene
     FIDE     For those interested in the International Governance of Chess
     4NCL - Four Nations Chess League     The UK's premier chess league
     BritWeb     Let me know what you think of this site
     Lets Play Chess     For anyone who fancies playing chess over the Internet
     myChess     A new intersting site for anyone who fancies playing chess over the Internet
     The Chess Oracle     Chess news from the UK and Rest of the World