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Of the Chess League in the Heart of England

  • Lightning Tournament 2018/2019

  • The annual 5-minute chess tournament was held at Solihull Blossomfield Club, on Wednesday 1st May 2019.
    There were 41 entries with 3 trophies to play for.
    Phil Holt won the Open section on 8/9, with Mike Donnelly, Alan Lloyd and Mark Cundy equal second.
    It was very competitive with the lead changing several times.
    Frank Jimenez won the Under 140 section with an impressive 6 points and some good wins in the latter stages.
    Ben Larkin won the Under 110, also on 6/9.
    Thanks to Richard and Robert Reynolds for organising and running the event and to Solihull for hosting it.

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  • Lightning Tounament 2016/2017
    The Leamington League Lightning (Blitz) Tournament was held at Solihull's Blossomfield Club on Wednesday 26th April 2017.
    34 players competed in the event over 9 rounds at the rate of 5 minutes per game.
    As wel as the Open category there were sections with prizes for the best scores for players graded under 140 and under 110.
    In the open section, there was a strong early showing from Alan Lloyd (Olton), Mark Page (Kenilworth), Ray Carpenter and Tom Thorpe (both Solihull).
    As the rounds passed Alan Lloyd went into the lead and eventually finished with a perfect score of 9/9.
    Mark Page was second on 7 points.
    In the Under 140 section, there were few contenders early on, but Rayyan Farooq (Solihull) began well, only to stall against the stronger players.
    Mike Johnson (Kenilworth also scored steadily. Later on, Mike Warden (Solihull) and Steve Rumsby (Banbury) challenged
    but Rayyan did enough to win the section with 5˝ points.
    Penny Wood (Solihull) also weighed in with three late wins to take the Under 110 title with 5 points.
    The trophies were presented by League Chairman Ben Graff. Thanks to Richard and Robert Reynolds for organising and running the event and to Solihull for hosting it.
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  • Lightning Tounament 2015/2016
    The 2016 Leamington League Lightning Tournament took place on Wednesday 27th April at Solihull's Blossomfield Club.
    31 players competed at the rate of 5 minutes per game over 9 rounds.
    7 clubs from the League were represemted and there were graded sections set at Under 140 and Under 110.
    Early leaders included Mark Page and Ben Graff (Kenilworth), Robert Reynolds (Olton), Ian Brodie and Clement Meunier (Solihull).
    Mark and Clement remained level pegging into the later rounds, but the final round proved decisive, when Mark lost.

    The Intermediate section was very close from the beginning, with a good showing from Mike Johnson and Dave Shurrock (Kenilworth),
    Jason Madden (Leamington), Jim Gillespie (Olton) and Kevin Bowman (Daventry).
    After the final round, it was Jim and Kevin involved in a play-off, which was won by Kevin.

    In the Minor section, Martin Goodwin (Solihull) and Paul Hodgskin (Olton) led from the outset
    and it was these two who were involved in a play-off, which was won by Paul.

    Thanks to Richard and Rob Reynolds for organising and running the Tournament and to Solihull for hosting it.
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  • Lightning Tournament 2014/2015

    The 2015 Leamington League Lightning Tournament saw a large entry of 44 players.
    There was a stronger than usual entry in the open section and the numbers resulted in there being three sections in total.
    Phil Holt (Olton) drew with Robert Reynolds (also Olton) in the opening round and this allowed Russell James (Solihull)
    to retain the lead with a perfect score up to round 5.
    Phil remained half a point behind and the deadlock was not broken in round 6 when the two leaders met, agreeing a draw.
    The trailing pack consisting of Keith Ingram (Shirley), Mark Page (Kenilworth), Olivia Smith and Iain Brodie (both Solihull)
    struggled to keep up, but the leaders dismissed all opposition until Round 9.
    Phil Holt won his final game, but Russell James was beaten by Mark Page and pipped to the title by Phil.
    The Under 140 section saw a strong challenge by Solihull entrants Paul Smith and Rayyan Farooq, along with Jason Madden (Leamington).
    Gilbert Csecs (Banbury) and Marco Ho (Olton) might have done better, but both had a tough time against the stronger players.
    Jason and Paul finished level on 5˝ out of 9, with Rayyan half a point behind and it was Paul Smith who won the play-off.
    The under 110 section saw some creditable performances, with a number of players reaching 3˝ points.
    However, Marik Zawadzki (Stratford) finished with 5 points and Gilbert Csecs scored 4˝ to finish runner-up.
    Thanks to the Reynolds brothers for organising and running the event so well, and to Solihull for hosting it.

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  • Lightning Tournament 2013/2014

    31 players took part in the 2014 Leamington League Lightning tournament at Solihull’s venue, The Blossomfield Club, Widney Lane, Solihull.
    The tournament was played over nine rounds, at the rate of 5 minutes per player per game. There were prizes for Open, Under 140 and Under 100 Sections.
    With a strong field, the early front runners included regular entrants Phil Holt & Robert Reynolds (both Olton), Mark Page (Kenilworth),
    Ray Carpenter & Ian Brodie (both Solihull).
    Also in the running were Olivia Smith & Roger Gil (both Solihull) and there was a welcome return to competitive chess for Colin Searle (Stratford).
    Phil Holt took the lead in round 4, but was pegged back by Mark Page in Round 5.
    Gilbert Csecs (Banbury) had a good start in the Under 100 section, but then struggled against the stronger players.
    The Under 140 section players were still jockeying for position in the middle of the table.
    Phil Holt slipped up again against teammate Alan Lloyd in round 7, leaving him level with Olivia Smith going into the final rounds.
    Mark Page was a full point behind and it was left to the front two to ensure they did not slip up again.
    In the end, both players finished on 8 points from 9 rounds and a play-off resulted in a win for Phil Holt.
    Mark Page was third on 7 points. Colin Searle showed that he was still a force to be reckoned with, finishing alongside Alan Lloyd (Olton) and Richard Chilcott (Solihull) on six points.
    In the Under 140 section, four players (Dennis Horsley, Jaspul Jeeta {both Solihull}, Karol Grzywaczewski {Olton}) and Jason Madden {Leamington}) finished with five points each.
    Dennis beat Karol in the first Armageddon semi-final playoff (where White has 6 minutes, but must win) and Jaspul beat Jason in the second semi-final.
    Dennis beat Jaspul in the final to be Under 140 champion.
    In the Under 100 section, Gilbert Csecs recovered his position with some good wins in the later rounds to finish as winner on 4˝ points.
    Roland Robson (Solihull) was second on four points.
    Congratulations to the winners and thanks to Rob and Richard for organising and running the event
    and Solihull for hosting it.

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