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2018/08/19 Here is the preliminary version of the fixtures.
Can you check for any mistakes.
Any problems please let me know ASAP.

The fixtures in html form,
The complete fixture list as a text file,
or for the list as a word file.

Click here for a version of the fixture card you can print.

The fixtures for individual teams are here below :-
Banbury A   Banbury B   Banbury C   Banbury D   Banbury E  
All Banbury matches

Daventry A   Daventry B  
All Daventry matches

Kenilworth A   Kenilworth B   Kenilworth C   Kenilworth D
All Kenilworth matches

Leamington A   Leamington B  
All Leamington matches  

Olton A   Olton B   Olton C  
All Olton matches

Rugby A Rugby B
All Rugby matches

Shirley & Wythall A   Shirley & Wythall B   Shirley & Wythall C   Shirley & Wythall D
All Shirley & Wythall matches

Solihull A   Solihull B   Solihull C   Solihull D   Solihull E   Solihull F  
All Solihull matches

Stratford A   Stratford B   Stratford C   Stratford D  
All Stratford matches