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Matches higlighted in yellow are KO matches
Matches highlighted in blue are one that have been moved
I will try to keep the fixture list up to date, but not the individual teams.

The fixtures in html form,
The complete fixture list as a text file,
or for the list as a word file.

Click here for a version of the fixture card you can print.

The fixtures for individual teams are here below :-
Banbury A   Banbury B   Banbury C   Banbury D   Banbury E  
All Banbury matches


Daventry A   Daventry B  
All Daventry matches

Kenilworth A   Kenilworth B   Kenilworth C   Kenilworth D
All Kenilworth matches

Leamington A   Leamington B   Leamington C  
All Leamington matches  

Olton A   Olton B   Olton C  
All Olton matches

Rugby A Rugby B
All Rugby matches

Shirley & Wythall A   Shirley & Wythall B   Shirley & Wythall C   Shirley & Wythall D
All Shirley & Wythall matches

Solihull A   Solihull B   Solihull C   Solihull D   Solihull E   Solihull F   Solihull G  
All Solihull matches

Stratford A   Stratford B   Stratford C   Stratford D  
All Stratford matches