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Showing Teams in each Division

This is the proposed League Formation for 2019-2020.
Any corrections please let me know as soon as possible.

Division 1 Division 2 Division 3 Division 4
Banbury A Banbury B Banbury D Banbury E
Kenilworth A Banbury C Leamington B Coventry A
Kenilworth B Daventry A Olton C Daventry B
Olton A Kenilworth C Rugby B Kenilworth D
Rugby A Leamington A Shirley & Wythall C Leamington C
Shirley & Wythall A Olton B Shirley & Wythall D Solihull E
Solihull A Shirley & Wythall B Solihull C Solihull F
Solihull B Stratford A Solihull D Solihull G
    Stratford B Stratford C
      Stratford D

Note Division 3 is 4 boards

Team Knock Outs
Open Under 700 Under 120
Banbury I Banbury Banbury
Banbury II Daventry Daventry
Kenilworth Kenilworth Kenilworth
Leamington Olton Leamington
Olton Rugby Rugby
Shirley & Wythall Shirley & Wythall Shirley & Wythall
Solihull Solihull Solihull
Stratford nbsp; Stratford I
    Stratford II

Note In the U700 all players must have a grade less than 155, the grade for ungraded players is taken to be 140.
Total grades must be less than 700. Grades as in the ECF Grading list in force at the start of the season, including amendments and corrections for both the U700 and the U120..