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Showing Players in each Team

Blank Player Registration Form for the 2019-20 Season now available to download:
Blank Reg Form 19-20.

Leamington and District Chess League Player Registrations for the 2019-2020 Season

***Now with added "Played Up" information, correct as at 18.02.2020, according to published information including match results.***


published / uploaded 24.02.2020

ldcl registrations for 2019-20 season, previous published versions:

Version 0.7 published 31.01.2019

Version 0.6 published 04.12.2019

Version 0.5c published 02.10.2019

Version 0.4 published 18.09.2019

Version 0.1 published 02.09.2019

Please note changes to Rule 20 and associated Rules governing player eligibility. Note especially, Playing Down is no longer permitted.
Note also the penalties for not complying with Rule 20 and associated Rules.

Registrations after initial registrations must be submitted on a separate Player Registration form.

Archive - For reference, the final version of previous seasons' registrations will be posted below

Player Registrations for 2018-2019 Season FINAL v1.94.